Riley Blake Fabric Challenge…….for the Modern Quilt Guild

This was the package that they sent out to all those who wanted to particapate in the fabric challenge.


I have belonged to the Modern Quilt Guild for two years now. The first year I was a member of the Moses Lake Modern Quilt Guild

This year I am a Individual Member of the Modern Quilt Guild. Timing was a larger part of it. I have such a busy schedule that I found myself missing too many meetings and I felt that I was letting the group down. This year has been just as busy and I have made some meetings. However, the pressure is off and I find myself enjoying everything a lot more. One of these things is this Riley Blake Fabric Challenge. We made our wishes to participate and they mailed us a package with about 3/4 of a yard of the challenge fabric. We then could add to that any other Riley Blake Solid C100 or C120. The rules were very precise!

railey blake materialThe Black and White fabric was sent to me and is the challenge fabric, the green and raspberry were my solid fabric choices I added. I also picked up the bottom red challenge fabric just to give myself some options. I ended up with the black and white.

I found this very challenging and therefore accelerating!

Hmmm what to do ???? working at it piece at a time! Coming right along! I am very happy with it!I had a vision in my head and I had fun putting it out there in fabric. I love Modern Interruption because you can never be wrong. It is my creation and it came from me for me. This is my vision of “me eating spumoni ice cream and how I enjoy it”! Some of you I am sure are scratching your heads saying “I don’t get it.” and that is what I love about it. I have entered my finished quilt today. The deadline is May 31st. I like knowing that I was able to finish early. Now on to my next project.

But before I do ………here is the finished quilt.


 If you ever find yourself doing tings just a bit outside the box. You might want to check out the Modern Quilt Guild. It has so much to offer its members.

Until next time……………….Fly your own way!!

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