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Mocha Card Organizer

So I have a card holder here that came about because my family asked for something that would hold the Mocha Cards that we have collected over the years and over the different states that we travel in. I said sure I could whip up something…….not really realizing just how many cards had accumulated over time. It did give me a chance to throw away the cards that were no longer in business. It also, gave me an idea just how many cards were duplicated because of how much of a hot mess they had become. I truly hope that my pics and brief instructions are understandable. I really do not usually share my “whipped” up projects but I was thinking this did turn out cute and I have plans to make another one…using Mocha/Coffee fabrics. Then I will put the mocha cards in that one and this one will be used to hold all those Store Awards Cards…..I do not know about you but I have a lot of them and I am tired of them taking up space in my wallet. So when I made this one….I immediately knew I wanted another one. 🙂


step 1

step 2 Pick out your fabrics. You will need 6 pieces that measure 9″ x 6″. You will need one piece of fusible batting that measures 9″ x 6″ and you will need 2 pieces of fusible interfacing that measures 9″ x 6″. These 6 pieces will be your ‘pages’ of the holder. Though only one fabric will be show cased, the fabric you use for the front and back. So pick out your prettiest fabric for this. You will need to fuse your favorite interfacing at this point to 2 of the 9″ x 6″ rectangles and the fusible batting to another 9″ x 6″ rectangle. Now you are ready to begin placing your pockets.

step 3

You will need 20 pieces that measure 9″ x 4″. these will be your pockets. There will be an inch of each fabric that shows really well. While I used coordinating fabric this would be just as cute with scraps. Each piece being a different fabric. Have fun with it. After you have your pieces they will be folded wrong sides together, as shown.

step 4

Here are the folded pieces. You will use four of these pieces per 9″ x 6″ rectangle; on 5 of the rectangles. The piece you use for the cover is the only 9″ x 6″ rectangle that will only have one side with the pockets on it.

step 6

You will need to measure one inch from the top of the 9″ x 6″ piece. This is where you will place the first pocket. You can arrange your fabrics in any order that is pleasing to you. So keep that in mind when you are placing your pockets. The last pocket will be seen the most.

step 7

You can use any marking tool that you choose. I used the Frixon pen in this project. Just keep in mind that it will resurface over time. I am placing my first pocket on that line.

step 8

I continue to mark the next line one inch from the top of the pocket. As seen in this photo.

step 9

The next pocket goes in on the marked line until you have completely laid down four pieces. I like to mark the fabric from the top to the bottom. I felt it was easier to see. However, you can also mark the 9″ x 6″ rectangle in increments of 1 inch until you are two inches from the bottom. Doing this you are marking the bottom of the pocket for placement.

step 12

Now that you have picked out your order of fabrics. We can now begin to sew your pockets in. I did not mark my order because of the of the type of fabric choice I made. I knew that I needed one of each color on each page. I would mark the order you have chosen just so that you do not loss the look you want to achieve. Once that is done remove all of the pocket pieces except the first pocket piece. You will then sew along the bottom of that piece using a 1/4 inch seam.

step 14

So here I have sewn three of my pockets down. The next pocket line is marked and ready for the next pocket to go down.

step 15

Once all the pockets are sewn across the bottom then you need to secure the edges. I sewed a 1/8 inch all the way around. This will secure the last pocket and the edges at the same time. I was going against the grain here but you can certainly sew each side so that you are going with the gain of the pocks. It will give you a cleaner seam and not risk catching a edge the wrong way.

step 16

Here is how it should look at this point. As you can see, I chose to match the last pocket fabric with the 9″ x 6″ rectangle fabric. This is because I used a coordinating fabric line. Something to keep in mind with the fabric you choose. You will attach all the pockets to 5 of the 6 – 9″ x 6″ rectangles. This should be 20 different pocket fabrics.

step 17

I am attempting to show you here how to line up the pockets when you get ready to sew your pages together. I found it fairly easy to do. But you can certainly use clips or pins to keep things all lined up. You will take two of the 9″ x 6″ rectangles and face them right sides together. Remember to leave a small opening at the bottom to be able to turn it right side out.

step 21

once you have sewn around and flipped your page inside out you will need to iron it flat. I love my Purple Thang to poke out my corners. But I use anything that will really get in the corners without poking though the fabric. Be very careful when you are ironing that you go with the pockets and not against the fabric.

step 22

Once you have ironed your page nicely then you will need to sew a nice seam all the way around: to secure the gap you used to turn it and to help it lay down nicely. You will do this to the other 2 rectangles that have the pockets on it.

step 23

Here I am sewing the second set of 9″ x 6″ rectangles. you should have at this point- two pages with pockets on both sides. You should have two rectangles left … with pockets on it and one without pockets. This will be your cover. PLEASE DO NOT SEW THESE RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

step 24

You should have two rectangles left. At this point you can embellish the front cover. This would be the rectangle without the pockets. I want to applique a coffee cup on the next one I make. You will attach a hair band or a piece of elastic on either side it is up to you, I attached mine on the right hand side so that I would bring the band up to the front. Remember to place it with the loop facing towards the center of the rectangle. Now you are ready to finish the cover. With the last two 9″ x 6″ rectangles you will sew together with a binding. I made the binding using a 2 1/4″ x 36″ strip. I attached it to the pages just like you would a quilt. So it would look like this……one rectangle without pockets face down and I laid the pocketed rectangle on top of it face up. SO WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Here I am showing that I used a 1/4 seam and sewed it all the way around finishing it off just like I would any binding on a quilt or wall hanging.

step 25

I flipped the binding and did a fancy stitch to finish it. You could hand sew this if you wanted a cleaner look. I will do that on the next one I make. I actually, always hand finish my bindings. So it felt funny sewing it. 🙂

step 26

Here I am measuring the center line of each page. You will see that the pages are just slightly smaller then the front page (that you attached the binding to). This is so that it looks like a book when closed. You will need to find the center line for all three pages.

step 27

You will sew on that center line after lining up all three pages. It should look like this. This will give you 40 card slots. It is just great!!!

card organizer holds 40 cards

Here is the inside. I just love how it turned out. I think once you have done one you will find it very easy to do another and another. 🙂

inside of card organizer

Would you believe that I almost filled this up. I had a great laugh about that. Now remember mine holds cards from about 5 different states. So it is not a situation where they are used daily … is our family road trip goodies!!I truly hope that you enjoy this and if there is any questions or something I need to make clearer….please let me know. I have included a template here to help you along the way. Until next time…….enjoy a great cup of coffee!!

a Mocha Card holder

Another version for the men out in the world:)

Ready for Roadtrips and Mochas!!

The inside version of the men’s mocha card holder


DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE ! ( Please right click “save as” to download or click to open in new tab! )


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