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Building Friendships one Quilt Block at a time…..

It has been awhile since I have worked on my Hobo Quilt by Debra G. Henninger. Here are the first three blocks that I wanted to share with you. I am using  my older European Linen Plaid and some of my precious Australian Aboriginal fabrics. I decided to use the raw edge appliqué method with […]

Cleaning One’s Machine…..

This is what happens when you haven’t cleaned your machine or changed the needle. Ugly stitches!! The tension is all a mess and the needle is dull. I have a vintage DAQ 555-3 that sits in a oil bath. It is a Juki and a real work horse!! I love my machine but I haven’t […]

Where has the time gone?

I cannot believe how quickly time has gotten away from me. I remember the snow taking forever to melt and Spring coming so late. Then BAM it was Summer and the never ending smoke. I know that I told more then one person “This must be how a ham feels in the smoke house!” It […]


I found this in my the local dollar shop awhile back and it got me to thinking! Always heart warming to see kindness being shared. Not for the sake of glory or brownie points but from the kindness of ones heart. They were placed all over the store. How refreshing it was to see this […]

My First Quilt Along…

I started and finished my first Instagram quilt along. Well, maybe this is my second start, the first being the Quilter’s Planner QAL at the beginning of January (which will end in December 2017). But definitely my first finish. 🙂 I was so looking forward to getting the book and joining in. I ordered the […]

Every Good Planner needs a Cover

I was a very lucky recipient of this Beautiful Quilter’s Planner. My friend and fellow Quilter Jenn @jt_quilter  completely caught me off guard with this very generous gift. It is also one of the reasons that I started the #52weekswithTheQuiltersPlanner QAL. If you want to see my blocks you can follow along on my Instagram […]

Service for others……..A Call For Quilts and Blankets :)

  Today’s post is a very special one………. When I found out from my friend over at Pieces by Polly about this opportunity, I jumped on it. She put me in touch with A Girl and a Glue Gun (If you get a chance you should check it out: she will give you all the […]

Two more blocks done:)

  This weekend has been very busy. Spring is here and that means outside chores for me. 🙂 Truth be told I would rather be outdoors then inside doing the dishes. So I really do not mind the changing of seasons. I find it refreshing! The only thing that suffers with the season changes is […]

It is good to try new things as I have done here…….

I just cannot past up a good challenge. In this case it was a challenge in using a new product…..Kraftex.It comes in three colors: white, black and tan. It is quite strong. I tried to tear it and had no luck in doing so.  I used this when I made my wallet (in the above […]

Spring has arrived in spades…..

The weather has been so nice lately that it has taken me outside instead of into my sewing studio. I have for the last three weekends been cleaning up from winter and getting ready for Spring. I have flowers up and my rhubarb is growing a little everyday. I love waking up to the birds […]

Block Keepers

These cute little gems are called Block Keepers. I love, love, love them!!! I use them for my classes, I use them for Shop Hop Blocks, and for any spare blocks that just do not have a home ( like those practice blocks some of us make)……..it just keeps everything so contained and you get […]

A Fun Little Class……..Just because

I have been taking this class as long as it has been offered. It costs me only $5 to sign up. The rules are if you come back to the next class with your block complete; then the next class is free and so on. However, if you are unable to attend and do not […]