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Week Six of the Community Sampler

This is just a quick update on my blocks for the Community Sampler. This Sew Along is being hosted by Sharon and Maureen , to participate in this amazing fun community and download the free PDF patterns you just need to click the links I have provided. It is never too late to jump in. […]


Goals for 2018….

   Just in the nick of time 🙂 I have been very busy organizing my up coming projects and working on clearing out my old inventory. I just revamped my website which took way longer then I had wanted: as these things tend to do. So with that said my FIRST GOAL for 2018 is […]

Where has the time gone?

I cannot believe how quickly time has gotten away from me. I remember the snow taking forever to melt and Spring coming so late. Then BAM it was Summer and the never ending smoke. I know that I told more then one person “This must be how a ham feels in the smoke house!” It […]


I found this in my the local dollar shop awhile back and it got me to thinking! Always heart warming to see kindness being shared. Not for the sake of glory or brownie points but from the kindness of ones heart. They were placed all over the store. How refreshing it was to see this […]

Winter is here in full force

I love this photo! It is so peaceful and yet ominous……like I can feel the cold wind as it blows. I am a person who loves all my seasons, yes even Winter. I have Winter babies so we have in the past done lots of wintery things. I am actually really happy with all the […]

Color and You

  Today I would like to talk a little bit about Color! I know that for some of you that is a very scary concept. For me it is like opening the door and letting me run! 🙂 I have always loved color and all the things that I can do with it. I, however, […]