The Holiday Card Project 2015

Holidays are upon us so fast this year. I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving or family gathering. I am just putting a little blip out here today about a great project that I am taking part in.      The Holiday Card Project……

The purpose of the Holiday Card Project is to have deviants (members of DeviantArt) create physical holiday cards for people who are hospitalized during the holiday season, helping to bring a smile to the faces of those who may need some holiday cheer.

It is a wonderful way to touch a person with your art. So please go and clink the link above. Check it out…. participate if you have time. I realize that it is short notice but you can do it.  I will keep you updated on the card(s) I make. Please share with me the cards you make with me on DeviantArt, by clicking on my icon (to the right of Pinterest) at the bottom of the page.

Until next time ……take a moment for others!!

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