The Wonderful World of Instagram

Happy Mail from Missouri Star!

I am here to say ” Why have I not done this before?”

I finally, joined and have found a wonderful community of amazing people. I signed up in the middle of February and not knowing what I was really doing- jumped in with both feet. Boy am I happy that I did. I have since signed up for four, yes! four swaps. What are swaps you ask? Well, I was not sure either! I have a friend and neighbor who always tells me about her Doll Swap and another friend who I help make a craft for her Tea/Book Swap. This was the only introduction I had…..I however, knew it would be a great way of engaging on this new format called Instagram.

SO here are the four swaps I have signed up for……My fabric pull for this swap!#1) A Black and White Swap (#blackandwhipswap)This happens to be so larger that we were assigned teams. I am a Black Raven (#bwqu_blackravens) and it is a blind swap so we don’t know who has who! The mail date is the middle of July. I cannot say enough great things about my teammates! They are so very supportive and full of information. We communicate all the time. Now I have been warned this is not to say all swaps will be as wonderful. But I took no mind and signed up for a quick second swap These are my fabric scraps for this swap. #2)The Double Mini Swap (#doubleminiswap). This is also a blind swap and ships on the 1st of June! This is a smaller group less communicative but what a talented group of ladies! I have been very challenged! Both of these swaps have size guild lines. Very strict hosts and I keep hearing about the ‘blacklist’…….I do not want to end up on this!! So I have found myself jumping in and getting things done. With two swaps done and ready to mail …I thought well I will keep my eyes open for a swap. There were several going on but I was mindful of the shipping date. I am very busy in the Spring/Summer seasons and am not much for being indoors sewing. Then the Burton Swap came to my attention. Now I just could not pass this one up and the shipping date was right…..October 1st So 9 is my favorite Tim Burton Movie. Though they are awesome!! #3) The Tim Burton Swap (#burtonswap) This is quite large and a blind swap! I am on #teamsallysgals. This has been a great group with lots of following and liking. It is just in the beginning stages and I can’t wait to dive into my projects. I made three mosaics and have been watching my movies for research. WE are making one small craft, one medium craft, and 2 extras that can be handmade or bought.

Now those close to me know that I am multifaceted and as long as I can make/create/design my energies away I am a happy camper!! Then just because I absolutely love creepy when I saw the A Pinterest Image ....This is in one of my mosaics.#4)The Halloween Swap (#halloweenswap) popped up I jumped with out even thinking about it. It is so new I am still waiting for my partner assignment. I am not sure if this will be a blind swap or not. I have already put together my 3 mosaics and had some ideas floating around in my head.

The surprising thing about this whole journey has been the renewed creative energy I have now!! I am not sure if it is because I am around like minded people, or the true support that I have felt, the non judgement, or just the interaction in discussions. I am embracing it full heartily. I would love it if you found me over there @flannelladybug…….you can follow along with projects, giveaways, cooking, and nature, just to name a few things that I IG. Well, Thank You for reading this whole long post….it is hard not to be excited. I think it has been a most wonderful beginning to a creative journey.

Until next time…………………………..come over and find new friendships!

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