Two more blocks done:)

I love my Crabby Quilters Tile......and these fabrics remind me of Spring!


This weekend has been very busy. Spring is here and that means outside chores for me. 🙂 Truth be told I would rather be outdoors then inside doing the dishes. So I really do not mind the changing of seasons. I find it refreshing! The only thing that suffers with the season changes is my sewing time. I find that I do much less of it as the weather turns nicer…..calling me outside to play. I did however, manage to do my March blocks for the $5 class.

Block 6 $5 March 2015 Bonus Block March 2015

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In the bonus Block, the center flying geese are a finished 3/4″ x 1 1/4″. Very tiny….. The Christmas bonus block on the left is too blended for my taste. However, I do like the fact that you can see the two very different looks. So in that way I am glad that it turned out. ( you know it was planned right…lol 🙂 )  There will be a total of 16 blocks when this class is done. I still have not figured out how I will want the blocks to be set. Nor do I know yet what fabrics I will use for the sashing.

I do know that I will need to go through my scraps and stash to add to the Christmas blocks. I need to add more green and red or the whole feel of it will not read as Holiday. I am very happy with the other color way and I will have plenty of fabric to finish in these colors. This is the fun part for me the scavenging for the just right fabrics that I have in my stash and how I incorporate them into my existing collection. There are no rules!! Look out into nature – all the colors play nice with one another. So do not worry or put to much thought into it. Just go with what feels right to you. Have fun with it!! On that note….until next time…….Show your inner smile to the world!!

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