Working on my Journal Inserts…….

I have been so excited to work on my new Blank Inserts (3 on the right are from Planner Perfect and the one on the far left is from Notebook Therapy). I have been waiting for June to arrive, to transfer myself into my Chic Sparrow – Odyssey Deluxe Elysium Narrow(now a retired color). It was a gift for Mother’s Day. I absolutely love going back to my old way of planning. It seems to me that over time the names of things or processes have changed but to me it is still just my planner. Doing my thing my way.

I have always loved playing with paper. If you would ask my mom she would tell you how I would play with the junk mail, coloring books, crayons, markers, and anything else I could get my hands on. I would be in my own happy little world creating, making, decorating and planning. I have always made homemade cards for as long as I can remember. Sure time takes me down different roads. I would not have time to play as much as I would like but I always come back to paper. This time is no different.

I like to be organized and efficient in every corner of my little world. It is really part of my creative process. I start with a clean slate and then just dive in to my creation. I will pull this out and that out, piles will grow and pens, markers, paints, pencils, glue will be everywhere. I loose track of time however I always gain a momentum that I rarely can find in other outlets. I think it is because there are no rights or wrongs – it is instinctual. I just ‘DO’ not over thinking it too much.

Covering these inserts was no different. I forgot to take pictures along the way. I forgot to make dinner until way too late and the laundry was done waiting to go into the dryer far too long. LOL typical for me when I get to making or creating. I just do not want to stop. But I did have the passing thought to make a quick video on the fly, to share the end results with you. Bare in mind it was well after midnight and this is my very first real video and it is about 15 mins. I had to make a YouTube account just to host it. I love just going for it. So either way it is here for you to watch or not.  Enjoy!!

On the quilting front, I have been doing some secret sewing!

Until Next Time…………………….Follow your Passion!!

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